List of functionality not possible without ArcPy

05-03-2022 10:27 AM
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Is there a centralized list of ArcGIS Python API functionality that will NOT work without also having access to Arcpy? It would be a great reference of understanding what is and is not possible without it.  

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None exists.

You could get started by comparing arcpy and shapely

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You can search through the folder to find all the places where "has_arcpy" or "hasarcpy" show up. VS Code is great for searching w/ regex, since the formatting conventions aren't exactly consistent throughout the module.


A lot of false positives, though. Plenty of the functions just check if arcpy or shapely are present, i.e., is it a spatial dataframe or a "regular" dataframe. Also, it's not quite the same as "what is and isn't possible", since the shapely version will still attempt to do something similar.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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