Is ArcGIS API for python support in Linux environment

05-04-2022 06:52 PM
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Wondering if anyone tried developing an application with ArcGIS Python API in a Linux environment? 

when I install the api with Pip install arcgis

always failed with some dependencies 



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I have always used conda to install on headless RHEL servers. Using conda, download the latest version of the full Anaconda for Python 3x for LINUX. Download the version of the API for Python package for LINUX from ESRI's channel on The file names appear in this pattern: platform/arcgis-x.x.x-pyZZyyyyyyy-y.tar.bz2. Find the correct version by substituting:

Operating system platform – linux-64.

API release number – arcgis-1.x

Python version.

The last set of numbers refers to a hash number created for each conda package uploaded to the channel.

For instance, if you are installing the Python API 1.7.0 on Linux 64-bit for Python 3, download the linux-64/arcgis-1.7.0-py37h39e3cac_863.tar.bz2.rm.

THi sis the conda package i used:


Hope this helps -- 


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I usually work on Debian Linux servers and I use Conda too and recommend it. I use Miniconda then install packages as needed.

It's a small fraction of the size of Anaconda and normally I only need a few things. Some people like the GUI that comes with the full Anaconda; I never touch it.

The beauty of using Conda is that sometimes if I want for example the latest GDAL packages I can put them in a separate conda environment and I won't have to fight with incompatible dependencies in ArcGIS.

"Anaconda or Miniconda?" 


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