Linear Referencing returns ROUTE_NOT_FOUND on ArcGIS Server

08-09-2019 05:40 AM
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A Geoprocessing service has been created that uses the Make Route Event Layer tool; in the fields that contain the measures, both in the creation of the route and in the input table, the values are expressed in meters to avoid problems related to the variability of the decimal separator.

Run from ArcGIS (ver. 10.6) the script returns properly referenced features. 
Instead, when published as a GP on ArcGIS Server ver. 10.6 (on OS Linux RedHat), the job performed by the rest interface does not return any referenced features, but all the records in the input table report a localization Error: ROUTE_NOT_FOUND

The inputs passed to the script in the desktop environment and to the GP in the server environment are the same.
Any suggestion?
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