Layers loaded as SEDF from a feature class in a local GDB do not appear in the map widget (ArcGIS Pro 3.2)

01-04-2024 04:29 PM
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Has anyone else experienced issues with displaying layers converted from local geodatabases to SEDFs in map widgets?

in 3.2, I can't seem to see the SEDF when loaded into the map widget, but when saved into the portal, the feature layers added from SEDFs are present. I am running the sample notebook from the Visualing Data using ArcGIS API for Python.


when i save the map object from the notebook to AGOL, the layers show correctly, including the points loaded into the SEDF from a local GDB



Portal search items also load properly in the map widget.

If it helps, I am using a social login, so the GIS connection i use is 

gis = GIS("pro")

I have tried cloning my environment and updating the arcgis and the arcpy package to the latest available version via conda in the Python Command Prompt.


Please let me know if you have the same issues, thanks!

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Hi Marcus,

I am testing the Web-Course now and see a similar behavior occurring. I tested the code against another dataset and it works against a different FeatureClass. I would recommend trying that as a solution. The course you are taking is meant to build familiarity with the different visual capabilities with the SEDF.

Given the difference I am pretty sure it is associated with the Montana data in the course, but more investigation is needed.




Jeff Bigos 

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