Join By Attribute and Updating Tables

12-17-2018 12:51 PM
Occasional Contributor

I have what is probably a relatively straight forward question for those who are more well versed in ArcGIS API than I am.

What I am trying to accomplish is updating attributes in one feature layer with the attributes from another feature layer based on a common id.  In desktop I create a join based on that common id then have a model setup that runs field calculator to accomplish what I want and I would like to recreate this in ArcGIS API.  I have the individual layers created as objects and when I try to run the join submodule I get a 401 error stating I do not have the authorization for that resource.  The data is owned by me, and I can edit the data via ArcGIS API but the join fails.

Anyone have any suggestions on a way to accomplish this?  It's frustrating because I really would just like to be able to run the model I have built in ArcGIS Pro via a scheduled task rather than getting into the weeds of python.

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