How to access "users_update_items" in a Group object

11-18-2020 10:37 PM
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Hi All!

Looking for some help on how to access the users_update_items property of the Group object.  I'm not sure if this is possible, but I do see it as an argument in the class.

Trying to get that attribute out so I can assess what permissions the group members have-can they only edit their own content or can they edit others' content in the group too?

I can successfully call back the following from my group object in the code: 

  • title
  • owner
  • access
  • description
  • groupid
  • get_members (works too)

Thanks so much in advance!

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I assume you are talking about the setting "What items in the group can its members update?" which can either be "Only their own items" or "All items (group membership is limited to the organization)".

If this is the case, then the following should help.




If "updateitemcontrol" is returned, then the group allows users to update items created by other members. If an empty listed is returned, then users can only edit their own items.

This is the equivalent of the "users_update_items" setting when creating a group using the create() method:



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Thanks for the reply!  I tried that out and was able to print the group name, but when I went to .capabilities it printed "[]".

I also saw this in the documentation: "As with other resource manager objects, you would not create an instance of GroupManager using its constructor, but access it from the groups property of the GIS object".  But even with that, your code worked to access the group, which is confusing.

I looked at the documentation again, and see that "user_update_items" is an argument in the "update" method for Group, and the "create" method for the GroupManager object.  So I guess it remains to be seen how to pull that property out of an existing group?

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by Anonymous User
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If "[]" is returned, then the group is set to "Members can update only their own items". I would recommend you create a brand new group in your Portal organization and set the property to "true"/"All items (group membership is limited to the organization)", so that you can confirm this on your end as well.

In the Portal UI, this property can only be set at the time of creating the group, and can not be modified after the group has been created. Therefore, I would imagine that the same logic would apply for setting this property programmatically as well.


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