gis.content.publish rounds off the coordinates of csv file

02-13-2023 06:49 AM
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i am trying to publish a feature service from a csv file to my enterprise portal. i first add the csv as an item to the portal and then i publish the feature service from that item. The csv contains the correct lat/long coordinates without any rounding off but when i publish the feature service they are rounded off to 2 decimal places. How can i fix this issue? 

here is my workflow:


csv_file= "oop.csv"

csv_item = gis.content.add("oop.csv")


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Hi @RehanChaudhary Thanks for reporting this issue.

We would like to reproduce this issue locally but could not due to two reasons: 1. Is there additional parameters in the `gis.content.add` method that you used to specify which column is the geometry column? 2. we have limited knowledge of how the co-ordinates looks like, in terms of its representation and data format.

That being said, is it convenient to share with us the csv file you used, and/or more detailed code snippets? You can use attach the csv as attachment(s) here. Thanks!

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