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GeoNet or GitHub for Technical Questions About API

06-20-2017 11:11 AM
MVP Esteemed Contributor

For technical questions or comments about the ArcGIS API for Python, do the group administers (Atma Mani‌, Eva Mui‌, Rohit Singh‌, Jay Theodore‌) prefer for them to be asked here (rcGIS API for Python‌) or on GitHub (GitHub - Esri/arcgis-python-api)?  

I have been posting on GitHub because that is my preferred place for technical questions about code behavior, potential bugs, etc...; but I also want to post my comments and questions to the place the ArcGIS API for Python team monitors most frequently.

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We monitor all channels and answer them with equal diligence. Around UC / DevSummit or major releases our responses might be delayed, and if a user wants immediate help, they must call the tech support.

That said, you can feel free to post questions or comments at either locations. I would prefer GeoNet as most users frequent here, and when your workflow and question involves multiple ArcGIS technologies, you can appropriately tag those teams in the same question instead of repeating them everywhere. Further, you can write blogs, submit ideas, conduct polls and involve the community in a richer manner through GeoNet.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Thanks.  For now, I will leave my last round of questions on GitHub, since all channels are monitored.  In the future, it seems GeoNet may be a slightly better venue.