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07-22-2021 08:43 AM
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So I have been trying to write some code that takes a MXD from a file converts it to a PDF and dumps it in another file- this is a smaller piece of a larger program that I'm planning on making and everything in it works fine until it reaches the "map.ExportToPDF" portion. At that point the program sits for a few minutes and then IDLE just exits the program. There is no error message and no PDF is created it just simply doesn't execute anything past that point. I've read through any documentation and no else seems to be this specific problem so I assume something is wrong in my code but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. Code is below im using Python 2.7.14 Shell on Windows. # denote notes.


# imported sys to get the raw inputs and os to use for path separator

import arcpy, sys, os

# Set OverWrite if files already exist

arcpy.env.OverWriteOutput = True

print "Enter folder path: "
mapDoc = raw_input()
#mapDoc = sys.argv[0]
print os.path.dirname(mapDoc)

# set a variable to the full path and file name of the MXD

fullnam = os.path.basename(mapDoc)

# Strip off the MXD file extension and store as string variable for use in the 'out_pdf'

nam = fullnam.strip(".mxd")
print nam

# Commented this out, since it doesnt need to be a parameter when you use the MXD name as the PDF name
##print "Enter save as name:"
#mapName = sys.argv[2]
print('set path successful')

map = arcpy.mapping
mxd = map.MapDocument(mapDoc)

map_document = mxd

out_pdf = r"C:\Users\1388067639E\Documents\mxd_pdfs" + "\\" + nam + ".pdf"
out_pdf = r"C:\Users\1388067639E\Documents\mxd_pdfs" + os.sep + nam + ".pdf"
#out_pdf = os.path.dirname(mapDoc) + os.sep + nam + ".pdf"
#out_pdf = os.path.dirname(mapDoc) + os.sep + nam + ".pdf"

print('output path successful')

# Set all the parameters as variables here:

data_frame = 'PAGE_LAYOUT'
resolution = "300"
image_quality = "NORMAL"
colorspace = "RGB"
compress_vectors = "True"
image_compression = "JPEG"
picture_symbol = 'RASTERIZE_BITMAP'
convert_markers = "False"
embed_fonts = "True"
layers_attributes = "NONE"
georef_info = "False"
jpeg_compression_quality = "80"

print('parameters set successful')

# Due to a known issue, the df_export_width and df_export_height must be set to integers in the code:

map.ExportToPDF(map_document, out_pdf, data_frame, 640, 480, resolution, image_quality, colorspace,
compress_vectors, image_compression, picture_symbol, convert_markers, embed_fonts, layers_attributes,
georef_info, jpeg_compression_quality)

print('map export successful')

# This gives feedback in the script tool dialog:



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Hi Matthew,

I don't know if you hit the wrong sub, but this would be a good one to get help from the more general "Python" group. Still, I'll try to offer some helpful comments. Unrelated, I'd encourage you to stick with either single quotes or double quotes in your code, as well as using os.path.join to define your out_path variable.

Right off the bat, it doesn't look like your argument types match the function's parameters types. You're supplying strings for everything, but some of those take boolean, integer. I would start by correcting that and then add some error handling with a try/except to see if it's possible to get some kind of feedback on the failure. 

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