Error when cloning feature layer with relationships

02-07-2022 12:47 PM
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Does anyone having issue when cloning Feature Service with Relationships?

I was trying to clone a Feature Service that created by Survey123 Connect which contains a couple of Relationships with Tables.

And I keep getting the error showing list index out of range.

'Failed to create Feature Service xxxxx: list index out of range', <Item title:"xxxxx" type:Feature Layer Collection owner:username>

I used the same clone_item tool for all the other content such as web apps, web maps and they all work well. Just wondering if this a bugs or the limitation of that tool.



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@Jack_Lim ,

This shows that you are not pointing to the right feature service with the right index value.

I recommend first list all the feature services to find the right index of that feature service you are after, then run the code.

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