Deletion of existing Imagery Service

01-04-2019 07:12 AM
New Contributor

I have two scripts that I have created using examples within several sources of documentation.  The first is a python script that repairs existing mosaic dataset paths and then creates an imagery service from that mosaice dataset.  The second python script is a precursor that removes/deletes the same imagery service.  This imagery service needs re-creating because we are copying from production to nonproduction environments. The repair/service creation python script successfully works.  I cannot find an error with the python script that tries to delete the imagery service.  I am a novice Python'er so please be   The deletion script is something that I cobbled together from three different examples and when I run the script in ArcCatalog from a toolbox it simply completes within two seconds with no errors but nothing happens.  I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any thoughts....THANKS!!!

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