Deep Learning Feature Classification Using model.classify_features()

01-13-2021 04:06 PM
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I am using the Deep Learning tools in Python of ArcGIS. I am using the .classify_features() tool. This tool will update the polygon Feature Layer I have on my ArcGIS Online account. It is supposed to make a prediction of either "Damage" or "No Damage" as well as calculate a confidence for each row in the table. This tool however, will only make a prediction and calculate a confidence for the first row only. I plan on using this method on other polygons feature layers in the future so I need to understand why it only calculate for the first row.

My Code Snippet:

#Locations of chips (images and labels)
td = r'E:\Thesis_Data\DATA\Maps\Building_Damage_Assessment\Training_Data'

#Find published feature layer
item ="Building Footprints", item_type="Feature Layer Collection")[0]

# classify_features (Inferencing)
model.classify_features(item.layers[0], td, 'FID', 'prediction', 'confidence')


I have attached the resultant table as an image.

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