Creating a web map (encoding)

11-09-2021 04:56 AM
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I've created script for adding a webmap to my ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal). I've exported a webmap as a json-file (operationalLayers and tables), and I'm using this file for creating the webmap in Python. First I define the properties of the webmap (title, type, tags), then read the json-file and then change the urls and itemids found in the file. The creation of the web map is done by this python method:

webmapItem = gis.content.add(item_properties=webmap_item_properties)
This method works fine, but some of the layers contains scandinavian characters (æ, ø å) and these layers gets these names:

The same happens for attribute aliases. I can't find any information about changing encoding in the gis.content.add - method. Does anyone have a solution for this?



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