Create the python geodata processing worflow desktop

11-15-2021 07:46 PM
New Contributor

I have worked in ArcGIS and other GIS platform for aboubt 20 years. I've always had an idea to create a visible desktop with python to completing the map processing workflow.Fortunately, I have finished the work recently.New I share the idea with all friends.The software adopts client / server mode, integrates GDAL, arcpy and OSR instruction sets internally, and provides a complete process of vector and image data processing, as well as a visual interface guidance system designed for this purpose. The platform supports compatibility and conversion of multi format heterogeneous map data sources such as GDB / MDB / SHP local file type, DBMS geographic database type and remote map server type, including full process processing such as feature type conversion, coordinate system conversion, map database import and export, map server publishing, map layer segmentation, merging, compression, pixel depth conversion and pyramid construction.pythontoolsground_en.jpg

 My technology blog address: All programs and documents can be downloaded.I look forward to your comments.


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