Configure Popup Attributes Programmatically with ArcGIS API for Python

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03-19-2018 04:58 PM
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I am hoping to run a script that can hide certain fields from an ArcGIS Online web map.  In ArcGIS Online, I would accomplish this by opening a webmap, clicking the three dots of the layer I was interested in, selecting "configure pop-up" then selecting "Configure Attribute".  Finally from there I can edit the display options in the GUI shown below.  

Is this something that is currently configurable from the ArcGIS API for Python?

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Regarding this question, does anybody know if it is possible via Python to change the order in which the pop-ups appear in the menu? You can do it via the Web Interface, but I haven't found a way to do so with Python. Anyone has ever tried?

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Hi Renaud,

This boils down to how the item is defined. For a good idea, see the second note in this post: My advice would be to create a Web Map as you want it to appear and then look at the definition.


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Thanks for the blog, this might help me do what I want. 

Using Python API, I am creating a webmap and adding a view to it. The view has three layers, and I want to configure the sequence of fields in each layer using json files.

I have created 3  json files based on all layer files in the webmap. can I update properties from json file as mentioned in your blog? 

In your blog , in the first section 'update layer symbology in a webmap', in Line 5, are you searching for a layer in a webmap? it seems to list out feature services with the same name as the layer name in the web map. Please help!!.

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Thanks Earl, I was able to update the properties. 'layer_name' variable in line 5 threw me off. Searched for web map name and that worked!!

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