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03-20-2020 02:51 PM
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I have a list of addresses that I am going to geocode to create a new feature class (we will call it TestFC) of points

I then need to buffer each location (feature) by X amount of miles and select features from a polygon FC that the buffer or distance intersects.

I then need to grab all the attribute values from the name field of each of these Features it intersects and write them to a comma delimited string and add them to a field in the new FC TestFC  

I need this to happen for each row in the newly created FC TestFC.

Ex: I have 100 points...I want to query each point and return a list of counties to a string value that its intersects within 100 miles and write this to a field in the point FC

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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I would read all of the geometries into 2 dictionaries then run a nested for loop to grab the OIDs which match (geometry.distanceTo <=1600 etc.) then a search and update cursor to concatenate and append the string.

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Through the api, you have access to all the arc* geoprocessing tools, so have you ruled out a select by location (within a distance of...) then a select by attribute based on your attribute(don't forget to select from the selected set). Neither map or pro saves to csv directly, so export the table to excel and finish up there.  If you have to do this a couple of hundred times, look TableToNumPy array then numpy's 'savetxt' to get it out to csv format.  It can all be scripted using existing tools and arcpy functions

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