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Authenticating ArcGIS API with IWA based Portal from Linux

08-02-2022 10:01 AM
New Contributor

Hi all, 

We've run into a brick wall and are hoping that someone can help us out.  We have ArcGIS Portal using the Web Adaptor with IWA.  This all works fine from Windows, using browsers and ArcGIS API for Python.   Seamless logins.  

But we have a Linux box that we'd like to use to execute these pythons scripts.  Obviously no IWA here.  We can authenticate against the Portal (not web adaptor) fine, and the portal gives back to us that it is owned by the web adaptor and forwards us there (side note: we can't auth at all at the web adaptor because it doesn't allow us in at all due to no anonymous users). However, we only get 401's because , as per the instructions for installing IWA, anonymous connections are disabled, and since we're on Linux with no IWA, it just ignores us.  It won't pass anything back to the portal.  

Are we making some kind of dumb assumption here?  If you use IWA with the portal, is it all or nothing?  Should we re-enable anonymous users in IIS just for this server? (not even sure if that's possible). 

Many thanks in advance.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @GloverG - I suggest you log an issue with Support about implementing something like this. The issue at this stage is outside anything the API for Python can address.

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