ArcGIS Python API not showing private layer

09-13-2016 05:30 AM
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I'm trying to display data of a private Feature Service, I acutally just created right before. The data is not shown on the map. If I change the Feature Service to be public, the data displays just fine.

Anyone experienced the same behavior?

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import getpass
pw = getpass.getpass()
from arcgis.gis import *
gis = GIS('', 'MyUsername', pw)
csvitem = gis.content.add({}, 'Fluege.csv')
csvlyr = csvitem.publish(None, {'City':'Ort'})
map ='Deutschland', zoomlevel=5)
# CSV Data not shown yet..

# CSV Data shown..
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Hi Jens, Please post any Python API Beta questions over in the Early Adopter Community as this product is still in beta. 

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Sorry, I haven't seen the Beta Program as I first launched the Early Adopter platform and ArcGIS Python API was not listed under Beta Opportunities. I've just overseen the "Join the Beta" link on ArcGIS API for Python | ArcGIS for Developers .

Furhtermore, the link "Forum" on ArcGIS API for Python | ArcGIS for Developers links to this GeoNet area.

Very confusing but posting in EAP makes absolutely sense, so thanks for the hint.

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Christian, as much as your comments are outwardly correct and a good response, I think one could argue that GeoNet is a better place for discussion of open beta products than some cobbled together forums tucked away in some corner somewhere.  If the beta was closed, it would be a different story, but this is a public beta, and Esri should embrace openness.

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