ArcGIS Ent 10.8.1 > Group Package/Content Export via REST or python > failed to export

07-13-2021 06:38 AM
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Just doing a basic test to use new-ish 10.8.1+ functionality Group Package/Content Export. From my vanilla 10.8.1 single-machine AWS AMI deployment > I created a test FS from Portal > My Content area Create button > and added to test Group > then run python from ArcGIS Pro > fails to Export. The reason given for failure is: it failed.  Hmm....
This also happens from a basic, published, copied-up into a hosted Feature Service from ArcGIS Pro (aka in Pro: Share a Web Layer > option Copy All Data : Feature).
For both tests The items exist and are fine, and the groups are default-settings new groups.

Anyone got any good unit tests, end-to-end code samples, or successful scripts? Or what I may be doing wrong?


> import arcgis
> source = arcgis.gis("https://" + sourcehostname + "/" + sourcewebadaptorname + "/", sourceadmin, > sourcepassword, verify_cert=False)
> grpmgr = source.groups
> grp =[4]
<Group title:"testgrp01" owner:admin>
> grpmigmgr = arcgis.gis.GroupMigrationManager(grp)
> exportjob = grpmigmgr.create()
<Export Group Content Group Job: 9427df3932664206b8ad78e1f8fca479>
> exportjob.result()
{'id': '9427df3932664206b8ad78e1f8fca479', 'definition': {'type': 'export', 'operationId': 'cm03a9894da87540ecae9b880cb5866b23', 'groupId': 'e5629257771b4621840ac2431c642341', 'groupTitle': 'testgrp01'}, 'status': 'completed', 'created': 1626148933447, 'modified': 1626148953657, 'messages': ["Starting export of items in group 'testgrp01' with id 'e5629257771b4621840ac2431c642341'."], 'result': {'result': {'itemsExported': [], 'itemsSkipped': [], 'itemsFailedExport': [{'itemId': 'd4f27315fbf44a268ada2bbc4c7ebb9f', 'reason': "Export of items from group 'testgrp01' failed."}]}}} 


Portal logs:
Failed to export item 'd4f27315fbf44a268ada2bbc4c7ebb9f' into a export package : 'java.lang.Exception: Server returned HTTP status code 404. Requested URL:
The file really exists though on: C:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgisjobs\system\publishingtools_gpserver\j781cc01c0a194c4689ff44e9083d1331\scratch\
Apparently the Job should be here, which it isnt.
And the export result EPK to download should be here, which it wont be cause it failed.
More info:
- Tried from Python 10.8.5 (assume this is the latest in the latest ArcGIS Ent 10.8.1 installers in 10.8.1 AWS AMI deployed 07/07/2021)
- ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 deployed single machine on AWS with self-signed certificate.
- The ArcGIS Pro test used 2.7.1.
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