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ArcGIS API for Python and Credit Usage/Best Practices

02-03-2020 02:27 PM
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I am new to using the ArcGIS API for Python and starting to experiment with some of its capabilities. My concern is the number of credits I might consume and best practices for avoiding credit usage if possible.

Currently, I am creating feature layers in which some of the fields will be populated using ESRI Field Apps (Collector for ArcGIS/Survey123). After each survey, I need a script to run and calculate values for other fields based on the survey data. The feature layers are currently stored in AGOL but I learned field calculator definitions are not saved so my alternative was to prepare a script to run after each survey. In addition to calculating fields, I also need to intersect the survey points with two other feature layers and populate those values in the table. I see the overlay uses credits, is there a way to get around this such as having output saved to a view similar to the join tool?

Best practice 1 or 2?

   1)  Use the ArcGIS API for Python to download survey data after each survey and then run script for all calculations and intersect locally with 0 credit usage? Upload/append survey records to hosted feature layer with post-processed survey results.

   2)  Create a script using the ArcGIS API for Python to run all field calculations including intersect on survey data but with zero credit usage (is this possible?).

Thanks in advance!

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