Append CSV Data to a Non-hosted Feature Layer (Python)

11-22-2022 08:29 AM
New Contributor

Hi all,

I want to map a zip code territory alignment file using Python API, but I only have a csv file contains the zip code, and each zip code's corresponding territory information (i.e.ID and name). I tried to merge my csv file with US Census ZCTA, but they do not match perfectly. I found the two following feature layers organized by ESRI that match with my data:



How can I append my territory information to these feature layers, so that I can show each zip code's territory information on my map? 

I know that these public feature layers are not available for edited, but I tried to save the feature layer to my content, and I still couldn't append the data. 

If I am not able to map territory information in this way due to the limited permission, is there any other way to achieve it?


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