API ArcGIS Python : Get the offline/online status from a webmap

03-11-2021 11:58 AM
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1: When a wepmap is set offline for the first time in the settings, without changing anything else but enabling the offline activation button.


When the webmap data is being get:

         webmap_data = webmap_item.get_data(try_json=True)

         webmap_properties = webmap_data.get('applicationProperties')

No 'offline' keyword is present in its 'applicationProperties'

The 'offline' keyword will appear only if advanced options or map areas are updated

2: On the other hand, when a webmap has been set offline once and offline properties have been updated (advanced options or map areas), if offline activation button is disabled, the 'offline' keyword will still be present in the webmap 'applicationProperties'.

Question: I would like to know how to control if the webmap has offline enabled or disabled using ArcGIS Python API? No such property is proposed with even Item or Webmap objects.

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are there any news about that? I'm looking for a way setting offline-mode on/off, but there is no way. 


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