Accessing AGOL Notebook Logs with ArcGIS API for Python

04-27-2023 11:59 AM
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I have an ArcGIS Notebook hosted on ArcGIS Online. I can see all of my scheduled Tasks using the AGOL website as well as their "Task details" (see attached screenshot). I'd like to retrieve this information (specifically when a Task was "Created" and its "Status") via the ArcGIS API for Python. 


Looking at the ArcGIS API for Python documentation it appears that there is the `arcgis.gis.tasks` module that will list all Tasks with the object method. However, the documentation states that this operation is for "Enterprise configuration 10.8.1+".


Is there a similar operation for ArcGIS Online users? Being able to access that information programmatically would be extremely beneficial for the development of Notebooks that require logs. 

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