Hiding fields / Return default text for null fields in popupTemplate

08-25-2020 07:58 AM
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Is there a way to hide or display "Not Recorded" / "No Data" for fields that may be null in a popupTemplate? I have a few fields that are not required, thus containing nulls. I want to return a specific set of attributes from a query but depending on the resulting feature, these fields may be empty and I'd prefer to have some "filler text" versus having those sections of the popupTemplate be blank. I'd also like to hide a few fields from the popup if they are null (chemicals #2 & #3) I've seen some information on using Arcade IIF statements to set default values if the field is null but I get the impression that these statements can't be placed in the expressionInfos section of the popupTemplate?

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I'm researching the same thing today. Haven't figured it out yet but hopefully will post here if I do. Trying to work off:

Some of the comments after the AGOL blog are leading in me in good directions but not quite there. Have you figured it out yet?

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Mike Dolbow No luck yet I have been working off the same 3 examples but have not had any success. If I do find something that works I will certainly post it here!