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Can i eliminate empty values using arcade in my pop up?

Question asked by kmunt23 on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by xander_bakker

I am attempting to create a conditional arcade expression that will list all of the fields that do not have a null value with an individual label and not show the field at all if the field is null. My current expression is below.


if (IsEmpty($feature.ABARTA_WI)){
return ""
} else {
return "Abarata: "+$feature.ABARTA_WI


This expression works in that it does not show the label or null value, but in the ArcGIS Portal pop up, it leaves an empty line for each one that is null, and i need it to not be there at all so the pop up is clean. As you can see below, this is creating empty lines in the popup. 



I would prefer the popup to display something like below, eliminating the empty lines.


Chief: 0.28

Chief WI MKR: 0.28

Enerplus: 0.3


arcade expression arcade pop-upsconditional pop ups


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you