Setting up a proxy for use with Web AppBuilder developer

08-10-2021 05:31 AM
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I need to be able to pull web page content from other domains into an iframe and display in my web application. Of course the content is blocked due to CORS policy. From what I have read there are two ways to address this. 1. The server from where I wish to pull the content would need to allow my domain access, which is usually not an option. 2. The use of a proxy, which would need to be set up on the server hosting my application. the Esri  Use proxy documentation provides a link to Git Hub where a proxy file can be downloaded and set up with instructions. After navigating to the Git Hub site and reading, this sentence concerns me:

"We don't recommend using this resource proxy. It is not being maintained and there's been no active development for many years. There are many better solutions."

My questions is, if this proxy has issues, is there an alternate solution to pulling in content from other web sites, or another proxy file I can download that is more up to date? I looked at the alternate solutions listed on the Git Hub page, but none of them apply to my situation.

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Hi @FranklinAlexander I recommend either opening a support ticket or contacting your Esri rep for a technical review. Those offer the most thorough approach for reviewing your architecture to coming up with the best solution.  

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