Is ?t a bug? Losing shape while in both editing vertices and panning

11-28-2011 04:19 AM
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I think I found a bug on editing vertices mode,

I'm working on a kind of editing application in my company, however, I can't figured out a solution on this problem; I edit vertices of a feature and then pan the map, but the feature goes back its original shape.

I also came up with this problem in JS API Samples and took a screen-shot (see attachments),

Folks! Please kinldy suggest a solution as soon as possible since I have a presantation to a customer on Friday,
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Thanks for the heads up. Let me take a look and I'll get back to you.
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This is not a bug.

The sample is using on demand mode featurelayer. When panning the map, it forces to retrieve the features from server again. According to the screenshot you provided, the feature you are editing is still selected when you pan the map, which means the edits haven�??t been sent to server since the sample code only call applyEdits when the feature is deselected. So the solutions could be:
1. Use snapshot mode instead of on demand.
2. Call applyEdits whenever a vertex moves.
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I have already tested these, unfortunately they are not efficient since they consume a lot of memory or bandwidth (note that I'm working on Istanbul data which contains millions of features).

I have found another efficient way that you may want to hear;

I add the selected feature to the graphic container and activate edit toolbar for it. When editor toolbar is deactivated, the application sends all edits to the server.

At this point Here is the another problem that I came up with it;

After I did some changes on the feature, I checked current state of the edit toolbar with using .getCurrentState() function but it returned false for isModified variable. I think it doesn't work properly with a standalone graphic. Do you know anything about that?
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Did you try: editorWidget._editToolbar.refresh(); ?
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