How to specify the url to the 3D Model Symbol(Json file) to the href property of ObjectSymbol3DLayer

05-09-2016 05:08 AM
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I have created the 3D Model symbol(json file) from ArcGIS Pro.I need to give the url of this 3D Model symbol(json file) to the "href"  property of ObjectSymbol3DLayer in ArcGIS api for javascript 4.0. Any example can help me in this regard.


Kishore Kumar


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Kristian Ekenes​,

Please guide me in this regards.

Appreciate your support!



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I don't have a sample of this, but I can give it a shot. Do you have a public URL to the 3D model json you'd be willing to share?

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Hi Kishore,

                  I have been trying to do the same thing, but had no luck. I followed this link arcgis-pro-sdk-community-samples/Map-Authoring/ExportWeb3DObjectResource/ExportWeb3DObjectResource a...​ but it didn't worked for me. I have building footprints layer with height info, I was able to extruce and symbolize in ArcGIS Pro, but export tool doesn't work for me.

Do you know what rule package you used to symbolize in ArcGIS Pro?

Any help appreciated!!

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I have exported json from arcgis pro (ExportWeb3DObjectResource add-in) and I have added with api js

Here you can see a simple sample (a graphic)  : Sample ExportWeb3dobjectResource

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