How to add an attribute in a Featurelayer

07-07-2020 02:05 AM
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How can I add a new attribute in a Featurelayer. I know how to update existing features, but I want to add a new attribute to an existing Feature.

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Hi P Herk‌,

Assuming that your Feature Layer is hosted in ArcGIS Online, these are the steps to follow:

  • in ArcGIS Online go to the item page of your hosted feature layer
  • go to the Data tab and select the layer you want to modify
  • click Fields to see the existing fields and their properties
  • here you will also find the Add button to add a field
  • after adding the field you can optionally create a list of values (domain) to limit the input to the new field



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Hello P Herk, 

Since it's not clear whether you are wanting this workflow for use in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro, I will outline the process within Pro as well. 

  • Open the attribute table for the feature layer in question.  
  • Hit the Add button, outlined in the image below.  
  • This will then allow you to specify the field name, type, and format.  

Image preview

I hope this helps also!  

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