Field Is Not Editable Error During Editing Using ArcGis Javascript API

11-10-2014 12:52 AM
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Hi All...

We have a problem with Versioned Editing using ArcGis Javascript API. Here are the conditions:

- Everything is fine if We use the SDE.DEFAULT version for editing, though sometimes We get Underlying DBMS errors during the feature layer editing and the object won't be drawn, but after retrying to draw and the DBMS error is not appearing, the object can be drawn fine. This includes drawing with snapping from Polylines to Points.

- When we use versions other than the SDE.DEFAULT, the "Field Is Not Editable" Error began to appear, sometimes with "Error: Invalid or missing input parameters". The error ALWAYS appear after drawing some Polylines that we snap to other Points. This "Field is not editable" Error makes the Polyline and Point that we previously drawn and snapped to became "locked". We cannot snap any new Polyline to that Point object. We also cannot delete the 'problematic' object. (The "Field is not editable" error keep on appearing if we do anything to the object)

Beside that, after this error appears, we can't POST the version to the SDE.DEFAULT version. The reconcile toolbox log says: "Warning: Error reconciling version SDE.CHILD.[Another application is currently editing the version. [SDE.CHILD] The version of your database server is not supported.]".

( This one is similar to this case: this thread suggests us to install a patch for Geometric Network Reconcile . We have applied the patch, but still no luck.)

- So for short, The "Field Is Not Editable" Error Always appear after we do some drawing with Snapping from Polylines to Points and The Feature Layer has to be other than the SDE.DEFAULT Version.

What could be the problem here? Is it the versioned editing or the snapping manager bug? or something else?

Thaaanks a lot..

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