FeatureLayer highlight in Angular application

07-30-2021 10:00 AM
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HI evertyone into community.

I'm in development of an Angular application.

With ArcGIS Pro I converted a CAD map into georeferenced FeatureLayer (with a spatial join between CAD layers) and I am able to load it on hybrid basemap.
Now when I click on layer I can see details of the selected polygon and my goal is to realize the reverse: select an attribute of layer and highlight it on the layer.
The problem I face regards the adaptation of JS sample code I can find into developer site to Angular source file.

Into attached image you may see the result of selection of a polygon on layer and the details of that item into the widget: now I would like to highlight as shown the polygon selecting it htorught the Text field.

I made some tests with

- query object

- LayerSearchSource

adding a search widget to viewmap

this.search = new Search({
      view: this.mapView,
      sources: [],
but getting an error when I try to modify the source attribute in following way:
this.search.source = [{...},...,{...}]

Any suggestion?
Any indication where to find good sample for my goal?
Thanks in advance and best regards.
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