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06-24-2019 12:13 PM
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I have a esri map that when I open the popup without moving anything on the map, the popup comes correct.

x on top and zoom on the bottom

but when I move the map around and then open the popup the header and the footer gets all moved around

I am using angular 7

any tips would be appreciated.


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Hey, I'm having a similar issue. I noticed that if you click on the map above the vertical halfway point (the top of the map) the zoom will appear in a different spot than if you click in the bottom half of the map. I believe this is so "zoom" is always closer to the point that was clicked. This is because the "alignment" property of the popup is set to "auto" by default. May help to set that property to one of the other values. 
This was also helpful: arcgis javascript api 4 - Controlling position of popup's actions? - Geographic Information Systems ...

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Also the second post from that link fixed my issue: 

order: 1;

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