Display field of type GUID in Popup

05-05-2021 09:21 AM
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I'm using the JavaScript API version 4.18.  I'm building a popup on a layer that has a GUID field that I want to display.  The field does not display weather I use defaultPopupEnabled = true or if I create my own template for the layer.  I've found this in the CreatePopupTemplateOptions documentation ("System fields such as Shape_Area and Shape_length, in addition to geometryblobrasterguid and xml field types are automatically ignored"): https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/api-reference/esri-support-popupUtils.html#CreatePop...

Is there anyway to display a GUID field in a popup?

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Hi there, 

It is working as expected in all scenarios. Here is a test app that I set up for you. 

Hope this helps,


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Thanks very much for your example.  However, the field in the service from your example is actually of type GlobalID and not Guid.

GlobalID (type: esriFieldTypeGlobalID, alias: GlobalID, SQL Type: sqlTypeOther, length: 38, nullable: false, editable: false)

The field that I'm trying to show is of type Guid:

 type: esriFieldTypeGUID



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