Custom build: zoom/pan issue on mobile

11-12-2019 12:58 PM
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Recently we've switched to using our own custom build to improve initial load time performance of our web app. The web app is used on both desktop and mobile. We are building using ArcGIS API 3.30.

Everything works fine except for the zooming (.i.e pinch) and panning on mobile.

There are no errors that would show I'm missing a module dependency (the phone is connected with USB to a desktop and I'm checking the console of the remote device in Chrome). The zooming and panning works fine if I test using the ArcGIS API CDN instead.

Assuming that the build works properly, then all module dependencies that would normally be fetched from the CDN are already included in the custom bundle. Otherwise I would need to manually include them in the custom build profile. Like the specific module of Dojo or the ArcGIS API that handles zooming and panning on mobile. However I'm not sure what exact module handles that..

The only other thing I can see is that the code that handles this is somehow already included in the init.js bundle of the ArcGIS API on the CDN. I which case I don't really know how I could fix this in our custom build.

Anyone faced this problem before, or has any idea how I could fix this?


Edit: I want to add that the issue seems to happen only on Chrome Android 78.0. Firefox on Android works fine.

So I'm wondering if this is linked to this issue.

We pulled the latest sources for 3.X from this repo GitHub - Esri/jsapi-resources: A collection of useful resources for developers using the ArcGIS API ... just yesterday, then recreated our custom build from it and it still happens. Is it possible that this repo does not contain the bug fix yet?

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