An issue about the map labels of JSAPI Web application

07-08-2021 10:43 AM
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I am using ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.36 to develop a web application. The map service of the product version of the app was published from our government ArcGIS server. But my manager would like to have a backup service that is published to ArcGIS online. As we know, ArcGIS online cannot publish map service, but feature service, so I used the same map document to publish a feature service to ArcGIS online and added it to the develop version of the web app. It is working OK, but the label display is not good. For example, for the Product version using the map service, no matter how I move the map, the electoral district label(red color text such as "05-Bedford South") always shows and try to automatically adjust themselves to the center of the view.


But, for the dev version of the web app using the feature service from ArcGIS online, the electoral district label shows like the screenshot below or just disappear. Is there any one know how I can make the feature service label’s performance like map service label’s?


Thanks for your help.


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