ArcGIS JS API ExtractData - export feature layer to CAD (.dwg) file based on the selected region

07-08-2021 05:42 PM
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I hope to incorporate the export-to-CAD function of LINZ or Koordinates with my current ArcGIS web map.

Already I did some research but still not sure what part of codes need to be modified to make it work so I hope to get some hints/helps.


Basically the goal is to add a custom widget onto my web map which can let users select/draw a rectangle (area of interest) and export the feature layers' data contained within it to .dwg file. 

Guide -

There is also another clue I got from this forum post .

(Please see the attached zip file - which I tried to add 2 feature layers to be extracted but it seemed to get error when I executed it)



Could someone please give me a hand or example code to realise this? 🙂 


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