Adding Multiple Graphics to Causes Incorrect Rendering

09-24-2021 11:11 AM
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When I use to add multiple point, line, and polygon graphics to the map, the polygons/polylines cause each other's displayed shapes/paths to get clipped off when rendering.

Zooming in and causes a successful re-rendering but that's not a great solution for every time a user accesses or changes a feature.

How can I make all of the graphics render correctly without adjusting the zoom?

I've attached screen shots of:
A polygon drawn with SketchViewModel before saving which is a black outline.

The same polygon rendered as a graphic added to which is filled in with orange.

A polyline drawn with SketchViewModel after creating the polygon before saving which is a black polyline.

The rendering of both the polygon and polyline in orange where most of the polyline is not visible.

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Thanks for posting your question here @AlexCopli. Can you share a simplified reproducible test app that demonstrates this behavior? I'd like to see how you are doing this.

We have what I think is a similar sample to what you are trying to accomplish, and it seems to work:

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