Add spatial filter to layer in webmap or in WABde

11-22-2019 09:20 AM
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Hi, we are trying to avoid making copies of data and use ArcGIS REST services from other departments in our webmaps and apps.  Our client wants to only show some features within a certain extent for one of these layers.

The easiest to implement solution for this applies only to hosted feature layers: 

ArcGIS Online: Filter by Polygon Feature 

Is there an easy solution to apply a spatial filter to a regular feature layer added to a webmap?  If not, has anyone applied a quick hack to a Web AppBuilder (Dev Edition) app to apply a spatial filter as the map is loaded?  Thanks in advance!

We are using Server/Portal 10.7.1

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I think I've figured this out, although there might be a better spot to stick the hack.

In MapManager.js deep into the _show2DWebMap function:

                // START CUSTOM CODE
                if (layerObject.layerId == 28)
                  var extent = new Extent({
                  var qTask = new QueryTask(layerObject.url);
                  var query = new Query();
                  query.geometry = extent;
                  query.where = "1=1";
                  qTask.executeForIds(query, lang.hitch(thisfunction(results){
                    var whereClause = layerObject.objectIdField + " IN (" + results.join() + ")";
                // END CUSTOM CODE
                lang.setObject("_wabProperties.originalRefreshinterval", layerObject.refreshInterval, layerObject);
I just did this for a different layer than what I intend for now, so I will change the initial custom if statement and geometry variable to match my desired layer and spatial filter requirements.
Modified Robert Scheitlin's solution at: