4.x javascript api blurry background images

11-01-2019 07:11 AM
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We are implementing a BaseTileLayer using the 4.13 javascript API order to use locally cached tiles from a TPK (to be able to see a map when there is no connectivity).  The images are being retrieved and displayed by the map, however the images are blurry compared to the same tile image from arcgis online.  We have compared our cached images to the images from AGOL and they are identical.  Why would the same image be blurry when displayed using a BaseTileLayer, and how can we correct this?

I have attached images showing the difference between how the same image tiles are not as sharp when we use the local copy with BaseTileLayer.

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The parcel in the two screenshots is of different size, so the scale of the two displayed layers is different.

I assume the blurry one is displayed in a scale that is not an exact match to a LOD. Therefore it is resized and a bit blurry.

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