ArcGIS Online user audit reports

08-16-2019 06:05 PM
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Is there a means to generate a report which lists the arcgis online users and groups and the maps, apps and layers they have access to?

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Hello Rey,

Here's a recommended workflow we currently have for Admin Tools. 

For content owned by users/groups:

  1. Items Tools > CSV > "Export Items to CSV."
  2. Filter to the Specific User(s) you want to run the report on (or remove filters if you want everything, but may take a few moments to populate the entire list, depending on the volume of content your Org has).
  3. Click Next, and ensure the desired fields are checked (groups, users, etc).
  4. Click Next, Export and Download the CSV file. You also now have the ability to run reports or formulas in your spreadsheet software of choice with this CSV.

For Dependencies of Web Maps and Apps (Requires Admin Tools PRO):

  1. For any tool that shows a filterable list of items, click the drop-down on the item in question, and select "View Item Dependencies."
  2. Clicking the small flowchart icon next to any dependency will also show what other content is consuming that same item/dependency. 

A video of the view item dependencies in action can be seen here:

Viewing Item Dependencies in Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online

I hope this provides you with a workflow for accomplishing what you'd like. If you still need support, or something more specific, please feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you!

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I am also looking for something similar in portal, but in layers/tables used in services.  So when we update a view, we know which maps and services we need to update.  Any ideas?


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Hi Lindsey, 

Admin Tools for ArcGIS can be licensed to connect to both ArcGIS Online and Your Enterprise Environments. So functionality such as View Item Dependencies (follow the link to video demonstration and how the results can be exported), Export web maps by Service URL, and Export Items to CSV are all tools available for both platforms.

We're offering a collection of extremely useful solutions for ArcGIS Administrators as part of what we're calling the "ABC's of GIS."

-Admin Tools

-Backup My Org

-Clean My Org

A short video quickly showcasing these applications can be found HERE.

I hope this points you to the right path for what you're looking for. If you still need support, or something more specific, please feel free to reach out to us

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