Wrong altitudal range in DEM

03-09-2016 08:36 AM
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Hello friends,

i have DEM created from lidar data....

and when i clicked on white zone "identify" - pixel value is 1051,143555


range says that max value is only 695,96.

Is there any solution for this? Thank you so much.


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it looks like you are using a stretched symbology perhaps and are the units supposed to be in feet or meters and I suspect you are using a comma as the decimal separator

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yes i am using stretched symbology, but units are in meters.....i found this...........can i just overwrite that "679" with "1069,31"?Snímka.PNG

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Hi SV,

It might be a comma because in Czech a comma is used instead of a decimal point.   In your raw data is a comma or a decimal point?   It might be ArcGIS set to your language that is causing the decimal comma to be shown instead of the decimal point.  

Decimal mark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I know this does not help your original question, just trying to make sure that's not the issue.

Arthur Crawford

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Hi, mr. Crawford,

I just found out that the problem is that in the range of altitudes (215-695) did not take into account the value where stretched value is 255

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