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I really need help on this..... I have dip amount value but i don not have strike value... How do i get the strike value using arcgis since i have a raw data map showing only of  dip amount.. Please i really need help.. Thank you

I cant seem to get best way of handling date fields in ModelBuilder/ArcGIS environment.  I created a very simple model in ModelBuilder that accepts a date object (that I used with 'Create Variable) (see first graphic).  All I am trying to do is calculate that date object as a string formated in (YYYYmmdd) using the 'Calculate Variable'
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Hi Everyone,  I followed the lesson  Use deep learning to assess Palm tree health, everything went well except when I was about to run the Detect Objects Using Deep Learning tool. "The below error came up after browsing to the esri model definition file. I have read another thread on the same topic Here, but ended up with the
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import arcpy from arcpy import da import os attachTable = 'C:\users\user\Test2\pictures.gdb\pictures__ATTACH' # Table in GDB holding attatchments origTable = 'C:\Users\user\Test2\pictures.gdb\pictures' # Layer in GDB holding features to which attatchments belong nameField = 'Name' # Field where you want to save the photos fileLocation =