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Survey worked fine on Wednesday 12/21, and no changes have been made. This morning a field crew notified me of the error, and I have checked AGO to make sure the relationships are still valid and I don't see any issues. The survey has two repeats (inlet assessment and outlet assessment) and the error states "Child to parent relationship

I have to generate thousands of cells as a grid, and then I have to assign  values to the cells, so far I know the a fishnet tool can generate the grid but how can I manage to create the offset.  May some one have better Idea. The details of the grid are as illustrated in the attached diagram. I have 5 Rows and 6 column, 
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Republishing a survey with Survey123 Connect after just updating some Coded Domain Values does update the options within the survey but does not update the domains in the HFS.   How can I update the domains in the hosted feature service without loosing my data.   When I access the Admin Rest endpoint it gives me the option to Update