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I've been tracking these in several different places, but I figure some folks might be helped if they're looking for Pro to something that they do in Arc, and stumble across this. Comments turned off, the best feedback you can provide in response to this is a good use case in any of the ideas below that you vote on. If you think an Arc Map
An equivalent shift tool for vectors as the one available for rasters,   I couldn’t figure out if there is an equivalent shift tool for vectors as the one available for rasters. I’m aware of the “move” tool available in the editor toolbar, but what I need here is a tool that can be added to the model builder  
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Hi,   I know this is a very simple question, but I know some python to understand some of the basics and I was wondering what would be the best possible solution, or direction, for studying python. I still struggle with small scripts from time to time, with very small number of them actually working the way I intended. So I just wanted to
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I am a beginner and any help will be very much appreciated. I want to set input and output connectors using the GeoEvent manager such that the input side receives text in XML format, and the output connector sends the converted JSON. Using the manager I have set up a GeoEvent service where I have set the input and output connectors to different