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Hello, I'm working on a script that gathers a bunch of line geometry (created using arcpy.Polyline function) into a list (called lines in the script), and then inserts this geometry into an empty polygon featureclass (called outln_m in the script). However, for some reason, only the last item in the list is there in the output polyline

You can display hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and bazillions of features in interactive web maps and apps using ArcGIS Online. This blog explains technical details about how Map Viewer and Web Apps interact with feature services. Sometimes when large datasets are displayed in their entirety, they can become visually confusing or
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I have a landcover raster dataset.   I have a county dataset. (171 counties)   I am trying to run tabulate area on each county to pull statistics. It works for ALL but 5 counties...166 counties work fine, 5 fail   Error 010419: Unable to build the attribute table of .... as required by the operation Failed to Execute