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With ArcGIS GeoEvent it is very easy to setup a notification when a new feature is added to an ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Service.  Instructions can be found here.  If you do not have GeoEvent you can still accomplish this using Python.  Below is an example on how to do this.    When editor tracking is enabled, new

Has anybody encountered this problem? I have tried using both a datetime object and a string formatted object in the query and neither work in either python or ArcMap. I am trying to select a record by both its GlobalID and a specific time in the GDB_TO_DATE field on a query layer.   Query: coveyObsvRow[0] =
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Hello everybody,    I am trying to calculate the discharge rate when given PSI and Outlet (other two variables are constant for this function).      29.84*.90*exp(${Outlet})*sqrt(${PSI}) is what I have in calculation    Keep getting a 0 as the answer which is not right, should be 1668.262 (worked with little