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Hello,   Im using modelBuilder to attempt to create polygon datasets for each feature dataset in a geodatabase. Each feature dataset has a set of point feature classes, some for Weekdays (*WD*) and some for Weekends (*WED*): I want to merge the point feature classes into one (based on wildcard for *WD* or *WED*), then perform a spatial

The goal is to find the angle at each vertex. My current computation which started with the clue I got here, isn't giving me the expected vertex angle values. By expected values, I mean angles at vertex measured using ArcMap10 COGO tool. inFC (input feature class) are polylines which were a result of polygon split operation. I am also not
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Attempting to append existing field values from and existing feature class to empty field values in features on creation for an array of various related feature classes.   To be more specific I have many traffic assets that all relate back to a Cabinet, so every time a feature that is related to the Cabinet (ie. signal head, handhole, signal
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Hi,    When importing data from a PostgreSQL database into ArcGIS Pro, the UUID from PostgreSQL are transformed into GUIDs, and for some reason the GUID contains curly brackets in the begnning and end, as showend below:     Do you guys know how to avoid that? Or, how to remove the curly brackets?