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I would like to report bugs with the current "stable" ArcGIS Pro. Is there a way to do this yet without having to go through the support system? I don't have time in my life to go through a lengthy zoom share issue reproduction with a non-development team support tech which will typically end in no bug even being submitted. I want to help. I

I am currently exporting a number of maps in pdf format using Data Driven Pages.   I would like to be able to export, or move each pdf map once exported, to a separate folder which is named with the pdf name.   Once exported the maps have to be imported in to a CRM system and having each map in a separate folder would expedite this
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I'd like to see a an option like bugzilla for bug reporting that is an open line to the development team rather than having to create a technical support ticket. The current construct for reporting bugs is to take a long journey through overseas tech support, a series of emails, phone calls, phone call transfers, screen shares...etc. There are
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I have 32gb of ram on my current system and AGP only seems to use about 11gb of it.  I am wondering how much ram AGP could potentially use.  People say to get 64gb of ram for AGP but if it can only us 11-15gb why do you need so much surplus?  I realize the surplus allows you to run other programs while geooprocessing but still