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About the Esri Community Team

07-14-2023 11:05 AM
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About the Esri Community Team

 2023_EC Team_Redlands Campus_02.jpg

The Esri Community team. L-to-R: Dara Burlo, Michelle Mathias, Brianna Ettley,
Simi Basu, Chris Catania, Jesse Cloutier 

For more than three decades, Esri has hosted an ever-evolving online community that has grown into this current platform we call Esri Community. The Esri Community team nurtures and promotes this virtual space by maintaining its day-to-day functionality; preserving community health via post moderation and spam prevention (How you can help); facilitating the creation of features and pages that support users’ needs; and by developing content that educates and inspires our members in their use of Esri Community.


The Esri Community Team


Chris Catania | Head of Community

Simi Basu | Community Operations Manager

Michelle Mathias | Manager, Community Experience & Programs

Dara Burlo | Community Manager, ArcGIS Ideas

Jesse Cloutier | Community Manager, Engagement & Content

Brianna Ettley | Community Manager, Engagement & Content


Connecting with Us


Have a question about using Esri Community that our Help Docs don’t cover? Believe your post may have been incorrectly removed or your account deactivated? Trying to view a post that’s been archived? Send us a message, at: 

*Note: Our team specializes in Esri Community only and users should not email their product, MyEsri, or ArcGIS Online account questions.

For product questions, please post in the correct Esri Community Questions Board (see our Community List) or for time sensitive needs, explore Esri’s other help resources like Help Documentation or Direct Technical Support if available to your account.

For MyEsri or ArcGIS Online account needs, please connect with your Account Representative.

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