Report Inappropriate Content and Spam

09-22-2020 03:53 PM
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Report Inappropriate Content and Spam

To report content you suspect violates Community Guidelines or Community Principles, go to the Post Options for the specific content, comment, or reply and select Report Inappropriate Content.


After selecting Report Inappropriate Content in the drop-down, a page will load to add your explanation for reporting the post. Type your explanation with any supporting quotes from the content or post you are reporting, then click the Notify Moderator button to submit your report.


From here, the GeoNet team will review and take the necessary steps. If it is determined the content is not truly abuse, the team will re-post it and reach out to the reporter to explain our reasoning. 


What are the common types of inappropriate content?

  • Spam
  • Third-party marketing
  • Inappropriate language
  • Provocative or inflammatory content


Battling Spam


As a public-facing and open site, GeoNet has its fair share of spam attacks. To battle these attacks, we have a couple of mechanisms in place:


  • We have global moderators that work diligently to remove it before it impacts others.
  • We have a spam filter for our community, which helps to filter out suspicious posts. 
  • We partnered with the Esri customer account team to improve the approval process of GeoNet accounts to proactively catch spammers before they even get a chance to post. 


Everyone in the community can help us fight spam. When you see "spam content," you can Report Inappropriate Content from the Post Options Menu.


Thank you for your support in following our GeoNet Community Guiding Principles by being Helpful, Smart, and Human!

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