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Geocode: rematch address - save & record position issue

Question asked by on Jul 6, 2020



I am using the rematch address tool and am encountering some issues.


The main problem I am having now is when I am provided with options to change the address:

  • I select the one I want (image: STAR 2) and
  • press the green tick (image: STAR 1) - match - which works.


However when I press the match button (image: STAR 1), it goes back to the first record automatically. This is unhelpful as there are over 300 records I need to check, and there is no way to get back to the position I was without clicking the having to click the arrow and go through each record again.


Am I missing something? If I do not press this green tick and just highlight the address I want, and move on to the next record, it does not save the address I wanted.


I have tried:

  • turning off auto apply
  • 'unmatch'
  • 'auto rematch'.
  • 'save' however it does not allow this unless I have pressed one of the other options.


The only other way I can find to do it is to select each record in the attribute table, which is almost as time consuming as having to scroll through all records again.


TLDR: How do I confirm a match from an address from the table, and not automatically be sent back to the first record.


Apologies if this is the wrong 'space', I have not posted anything before.