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Working with GIS data on Network Share

Question asked by cozgis on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by LanceCole

Hey Ohio GIS community - what is your workflow for working with GIS data that is stored on a network share. I am not talking about data stored in an enterprise database or workgroup database. I am talking shapefiles, file geodatabases, or personal geodatabases. I have recently been told by Esri support, after encountering some data corruption, that editing file geodatabases off a shared drive is not recommended.

File geodatabases are not recommended to be stored on network drives, and two or more users simultaneously viewing/editing a feature class within the database can easily create a wide range of issues...I would suggest that you copy the file geodatabase onto a local drive on your machine, or onto a SQL Server express database...

see -

Has anyone found one of the three data storage types listed above more reliable than others? It looks like my only avenue until I get SQL Server Express up and running on the network would be - 


  1. Copy data to local drive
    1. This now means that I have one MXD linked to local data, and the viewer MXDs that are stored on the network linked to network data, unless I completely recreate the server file structure on my local machine, thus allowing relative paths to work for both MXDs.
  2. Make Edits
  3. Verify all Arc sessions are closed and copy the data back to the server
    1. Unless I do this daily, I have to then create a backup plan for my local data and MXDs (the server is already backed up)
    2. Scripting this will not work as I have to first verify all Arc sessions are closed and no lock files are present