Publishing Layers to Enterprise/Portal

10-28-2019 08:59 AM
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For those out there that have Enterprise up and running with Portal, when you publish your feature layers, are you referencing the data directly from your main editing enterprise database, are you copying the data to Portal and referencing that data, or are you doing something else? Basically I am looking for publishing data workflows for folks that have actually implemented Portal. We are looking at implementing Enterprise and I need some more info on how this all fits together. Any comments regarding the workflow below would also be appreciated. We would only have one database in this scenario, no versioning, staging, etc.

  1. From ArcGIS Pro, for each layer I want to publish (which is every layer)
    1. Publish Web Layer (Feature Service) to Portal (or is this actually published to Server?)- not sure where this data actually lives, however
    2. Create Vector Tile Layer/Package, this data lives on Enterprise somewhere...
  2. From Portal
    1. Create Layer View (Read-Only from Feature Service) lives in Enterprise somewhere...
    2. Create a web layer without editing privileges in step 1...
  3. From Windows via Model Builder, Python, and Task Scheduler (Nightly task)
    1. Overwrite Web Layer - this does not seem possible in Model Builder directly...?? (if this is referencing my edit geodatabase I should not even need to do this...)
    2. Overwrite Vector Tile Layer (new in Pro, but haven't tried this yet)
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