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07-15-2020 01:46 PM
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I've run into a issue with geocoding where the match address is striped of its street direction and matched to the first candidate. 

For example, 940 W High St is changed to 940 High St and matched to 940 E High St. 

Out of a 7,289  records, this affected 364.  The locator was built using address points from the county auditor and there is no issue with these records.  I've tried running "rematch" against these misfits but the results are the same every time. 

Has anyone encountered this behavior with the geocoding tools in ArcGIS Pro?  Any recommendations on correcting it?

Thank you in advance.

Shawn Bleiler

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Which tool did you use to create the locator you are running into this problem with in ArcGIS Pro?

What is the score for the matched candidate?


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