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MS Flow does not run when Survey123 response is submitted

Question asked by EPolle_TensingInternational Champion on Jul 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by mpiraesriaustralia-com-au-esridist

Hi all,


At the moment I am trying to automate a Survey123 workflow using MS Flow. The scenario is: 'something' should happen when a survey response is submitted in Survey123.

I am trying to follow the steps described in this blog: Automating workflows with Survey123 and Microsoft Power Automate (fomerly known as Microsoft Flow) by Ismael Chivite. But whatever I try, I don't get it up and running... or at least not when I try an build the Flow from scratch. All the flows I have build look like they are correct:

  • no error message in the Flow designer
  • only green ticks
  • the Survey123 connector shows my surveys, and within these surveys the attribute fields are shown
  • the Flow is turned on...

But when I submit a survey, the Flows are not triggered. They did not run a single time...


But hey, now I did use a template provided by Microsoft - the Track Survey123 responses in Excel Online (Business) sheet template (see screen capture below) - and yes, this one is running correctly. So, this Flow which I did build with this template is triggered when I submit a survey, and a new line is written to an online spreadsheet.


So, my question - short and good - is: what could be the difference between this template and my custom build flows? As said above, my own flows do look all right, but apparently I am missing something...


Please help.