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Hi All, here are some custom Esri Web App Builder widgets I have created. They each have their own thread, like Robert's.



Google Earth Widget  (WAB 2.12) (Updated Dec 2017)

GitHub - kevinsagis/GoogleEarth: Google Earth Widget  

Demo link: Google Earth Widget Demo  

Thread: Google Earth Widget 




Enhanced Layer List - Metadata Dialogs   (WAB 2.4 - 2.9) (Updated July 2017)

Thread:  Enhanced Layer List - Metadata (7/17/17) 

GitHub Download:  GitHub - kevinsagis/EnhancedLayerList  

Demo Site:  Enhanced Layer List - Demo Site - Metadata Dialogs 

Update: adds REST Link and 'No Information Available' features.

Tested and working up to WebApp Builder 2.6



Below are older widgets WAB 1.x from the blog. If denoted, they work in 2.x-2.4.  If denoted '??' I have not tested in 2.x yet.



Pictometry  (WAB 1.x -  2.4 - 2.12)


GeoNet Thread: Pictometry Widget (5/29/19) 

Demo link ArcGIS Web Application

GitHub link to code:  kevinsagis/Pictometry-for-WebApp-Builder · GitHub

Archived Discussion: Pictometry and Streetview

Tested and working up to WebApp Builder 2.6


Streetview  (WAB 1.x -  2.12)




Works in WAB 1.x.  Untested in 2.x.

Thread:  Screenshot Widget 

 Screenshot widget at kevinsagis/ScreenshotDemo · GitHub

Widget demo at:  ArcGIS Web Application

"Alternate Version" 1.0:   This is what I ended up deploying after issues noted in this widget's thread:

An About Widget with text instructing users to leverage the screenshot.

 ArcGIS Web Application  Git: kevinsagis/ScreenshotAlternateVers · GitHub 


Enhanced Query selection widget

 Status: Enhanced Query 1.0 Alpha 1 works and tested in WAB 1.2 and 2.4-2.12. 

 Works with one service at a time. To use, create the query, click Add to Query, then 'Search'.

 GitHub: EnhancedQuery/eQuery/widgets/Enhanced Query at master · kevinsagis/EnhancedQuery · GitHub


ReadMe:  EnhancedQuery/readme.html at master · kevinsagis/EnhancedQuery · GitHub

Credit to Robert Scheitlin for advice and code collaboration.